About Us

Owner/chef Lynn Archer learned her work ethic, how to cook and most of life’s lessons in her Grandmother’s kitchen.  Rise early, work hard and eat hearty. Food evokes strong memories in all of us. For Lynn real biscuits, real bread, seafood pulled fresh from the dock, eggs gathered at a local farm and real bacon are rife with childhood memories.  

Lynn is “on the line” cooking five days a week. In addition she makes her special white bread and all of the desserts, manages the business, places the orders to ensure sourcing and caters events. Hard work is at her core. She comes from a long line of hard workers, people who hauled traps, chopped wood, carried water, baked from scratch, fed everyone who came to the table and kept the family running with sheer determination. Hard work requires play time as an offset; she swims daily and loves to take scenic rides on her motorcycle. 

She sources food locally. All of her seafood is from Maine and most is from the Midcoast. Local farmers’ markets provide cheese, greens and vegetables. Most of her staff has been with her since the day she opened eight years ago. “I pay well; I don’t tolerate gossip and I never question time off. If you want it, put it on the calendar and you get it. People have lives other than their work and I respect that.”

Lynn is a dynamo who knows the balance between work and play. In her words, “It’s real basic what’s good in life.” Today, as a continuation of her early lessons, she cooks and serves food memories for others at her charming coastal spot in the heart of Rockland, Maine.