Food TV

The Lobster Club

This yummy delight was the beginning of Lynn’s TV adventure.  The Food Network first called Lynn during a busy lunch hour.  When she was told they were on the phone she said, “Take a message, they should know better than to call a restaurant at lunch.”   They finally connected.  Lynn and Bobby Flay had a throw down on the waterfront in Rockland.  Though Bobby’s attempt at a lobster club was good, Lynn was the undisputed winner. 

Lynn has also appreared on multiple airings of 207 on WLBZ2 and WCSH6 . Her segments are always informative and fun. Check out some press, video and recipes below.

Lynn Archer – Queen of Clubs

Bobby Flay Throwdown v Lynn Archer

Maine Lobster King of Clubs

Lynn Archer’s Penobscot Pasta

Crate to Plate